Style from Years

Domenico Stile

art son of John, leader of artisanal gold production of Torre del Greek (NA), learns from an early age, as a shop boy, all the charm of jewelry made in Italy.

He realizes immediately that an accurate manufacturing, interpreted with originality and passion, have to be the essential characteristic of each gem.
He moved to Capaccio Paestum (SA) took over the business of his father in 2004 and opened his first showroom starting with a specific purpose: to offer customers a jewel-class, original and stylish thanks to the unique design and the exclusive style, can become a timeless jewel.

Today many well-known Italian companies in the production of gold and silver are part of the collections of Gioielli Stile, present only thanks to the strict selection for each creation, driven by a passion for excellence and experience in thirty years.